whq01-boxFantasy Flight Games seglar på det smått kultförklarade brädspelets rykte med sitt kommande kortspel Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game.

Kortspelet är för 1-4 spelare, men det tillkommer även specialtärningar för att utföra spelets fyra olika actions; Attack, Aid, Explore eller Rest.

  • Attack: When you perform an attack, you roll the number of dice indicated by your Attack action and count the successes against one of the enemies with which you are engaged.
  • Aid: Aiding another hero allows you to add success tokens to one of their actions, to be used at a later time, and allows that hero to ready one of his action cards.
  • Explore: You need to explore to advance through the game’s locations and make your way through its dungeons. Each time you explore, you roll a number of dice and place a number of progress on the location equal to the successes you roll.
  • Rest: In Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, you will take damage. You will be beaten and bloodied, and you will need to rest to heal the damage, healing one point of damage for each success you roll on your rest dice.

Rekommenderat pris är $39,95 och spelet släpps under tredje kvartalet i år.