Film från Monitor Celesta

En ingame-film från den stora uppsättning av Battlestar Galactica-lajvet The Monitor Celesta i Göteborgs, har äntligen letat sig ut på Youtube.

Filmproduktion: Fish and Elephant

In March, 2013, the extremely ambitious nordic Live Action Role-playing Game took place on the destroyer Småland in the port of Gothenburg, Sweden.
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With the story and world based on the acclaimed sci-fi drama series "Battlestar Galactica, the organizers put a lot of effort to make the Larp as immersive and true to the series as possible.
The result was three "games", spread over three weekends, with about 130 different participants for each game, all playing unique characters with backstory written for them.
Fighter pilots, diplomats, technicians, bureaucrats, marines, machinists, politicians, corporate scientists- many of the different aspects of the rich Battlestar Galactica universe.

It needs to be mentioned that all the material in this video is completely in-game and improvised as such.
Nothing is staged for the camera.
We, the filmmakers who made this, were acting in-game as two video journalists for the "Caprica News Service", as to not disturb the gaming experience for the others- instead being part of it and adding to it.
We also tried to mimic the style of the show with the limited equipment we were able to bring along for the ride.

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