Flygplatser och VR i Cities: Skylines

Modular Airport Building: 
Place and design your airport, connecting its various buildings by using concourse networks
Airport Progression:
 If your airport gets the approval of business travelers and tourists alike, you’ll be rewarded with expanded building options and bigger airplanes, creating a boon for the local travel industry.
Public transport:
Make life easier for would-be travelers by placing dedicated airport buildings, allowing you to connect your airport to the city through base game transport types like bus, metro, and train stations.
Cargo Air Traffic: 
 Tired of hiding your cargo terminals by themselves on the outskirts of your city? Create cargo terminals that are connected to the larger airport complex that fit in visually with other airport buildings, eliminating the need for older eyesores while hauling in new goods and materials.

Stadsbyggarsimulatorn som brutalt puttade SimCity från tronen över en natt 2015 annonserar ytterligare en expansion.

I tillägget Airports ska du kunna omvandla din flygplats till ett globalt transportnav med hjälp av terminaler, anpassade flygbolag och ytterligare tillägg som ger en sömlös intergration med dina städer. “The sky is the limit” – uppenbarligen.

Samtidigt smyger man in nyheten om att du ska kunna bli borgmästare i Cities: VR som kommer till Meta Quest 2 under våren 2022. Intressant nog tycks inte Colossal var inblandade i detta överhuvud taget, utan det är i stället Fast Travel Games

Paradox Interactive, utlovar “punktlig avgång” av släppet av Airports på PC and konsol den 25:e January 2022. 

Airports, a brand new expansion themed around the wonders and logistics of modern day air travel, will hit PC platforms, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 simultaneously at a suggested retail price of $12.99. The latest offering for the acclaimed city management title will allow architects to create and manage state of the art travel hubs to place in their pristine cities.

Please have your ID and boarding pass ready before you view the Airports reveal trailer here:

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