Mortal Online expanderar till Sarducaa

Lagom till femårsjubileet expanderar svenska Star Vault sitt gamla MMO-spel stort.

En ny kontinent vid namn Sarducaa, över 300 nya föremål, 100 nya motståndare och NPC:er och en hel del annat smått och gott. Se hela changeloggen nedanför.

    World & Art
    The new continent Sarducaa has arrived! And along with it comes new mysteries, adventures and riches.
    Added 300+ new items.
    Added 5 new tracks to the soundtrack.
    Added 100+ new mobs and NPCs to encounter.
    Added 5 new armors to the crafting system.
    Expanded the Tower of Fabernum.
    Reduced the size of black "mage" towers.
    Added some new rare-spawners around Myrland.
    Added heat system.
    Built a new much cheaper world-chest system called World Loot. This system adds large variety of lootable "treasure" to the world such as urns, crates, etc.
    Fixed collision on stones around Grey Halls.
    Improved the look of Myrland's terrain with a more advanced shader to avoid stretching.
    Removed collision for some jungle trees to avoid getting stuck when going through.
    Many floating objects fixed.
    Fixed fog volumes' day/night-brightness in myrland.
    Starry night sky-box texture updated with more detail.
    New foliage shader along with new foliage types.
    Stone gatehouse mesh continues deeper into the ground. Fixes floating.
    Increased loot reward in Sator Dungeon.
    Artifacts can be found in Nave.

    Added support for fully roaming mobs.
    Added more talking to the bandits.
    Added support for AI combat groups. Combat groups are groups of AI that work together and can ask their friends for help when they engage a target.
    Added support for group spawning. This means that instead of a spawner spawning one creature at a time it will spawn ALL of it's creatures at once and then wait for them all to die before doing it again.
    Cleaned up code for roaming AI that bumped into each other.
    Improved attack-sync code for AI.
    Improved follow code for AI.
    Dedicated more ticks for AI that is doing tick-intensive things such as attacking and following.
    Added support for friendly AI attacks such as healing.
    AI in combat groups now get more daring if they are in a larger group.
    Reduced Wait Time for AI bow and crossbow attacks and increased draw/release time.
    Added better animation support for AI that switches weapons.
    Fixed issue with AI turning towards 0,0,0 when targeting themselves.
    Added more animations to the humanoid AI from the player animations.
    Added support for custom run and walk animations based on what weapon type the AI last used.
    Updated humanoid walk to the new animation.
    Added a lot more talking to humanoids that are fighting.
    Made AI better at finding good spots to attack siege weapons.
    Added support for AI attacks that can spawn other things than minions.
    Added support for AI attacks that have and use ammo.
    Added better feedback for the stone throw attack.
    Added support for AI buffs that AI can use when idle.
    Added support for AI ranged attacks with width.
    Greater Kimuru now use a more advanced collision model.
    Tweaked and added a ton of footstep sounds to the AI.
    Added some patrolling Risar combat groups to Myrland.
    Updated all undead mobs.
    Tweaked undead animations.
    Balanced hit detection timers for undead attacks.
    Added support for on-death attacks for AI.
    Tweaked AI humanoid magic charge effect.
    Improved follow mode for pets to make it more responsive.
    Reduced the amount of "move back after reaching target" movement that the AI did when following their owner.
    Cleaned up "follow correction" code that makes it so that your pets don't end up inside of you.
    Tamed AI will now follow you using your speed unless they are far away making them follow much smoother.
    Improved calculations to avoid pets moving back too much when following you.
    Improved pet following over node lines.
    Added a "panic mode" for AI that is following players over node lines.
    Improved AI moving in and out of TS buildings with dynamic collision and doors.
    Tweaked pathing for pets when entering/exiting gates.
    Added a better safe-mode for AI to avoid them becoming unresponsive if they do get stuck in dynamic collision.
    Reduced the size of the guards' Halberd.
    Added a couple of new AI weapons.
    AI NPCs will no longer stop and talk to you when you talk to them while they are attacking you.
    Added support for AI attacks that can't be blocked.
    Added support for AI attacks that can't be parried.
    Pets will now follow their owner as default.
    Veteran guards' and lictors' force attacks have been rebalanced
    Balanced the difficulty of the Myrland "boss" creatures.
    Added support for turn-in-place additive animation.
    Added, updated and unified "x's attack" type combat messages.
    Most of the "dangerous" creatures on Myrland's heavy attacks have been converted to the new system, and are now more deadly if not parried correctly.

    Bug Fixes
    Arrows shot from a mount will no longer be blocked by the mount's hitboxes.
    Arrows that hit the player's own hitbox are no longer blocked.
    Shields will now be able to block arrows.
    Fixed so that firing the last arrow will no longer always miss.
    Fixed the client stuttering and lag that occurred when setting certain preferences such as in the Keybindings menu.
    Fixed an issue that sometimes made spawners almost instantly re-spawn an AI.
    Fixed stone throwing attack so that it no longer looks like the AI has a bow.
    Fixed up physical spawners to avoid them spawning AI inside their mesh.
    Fixed Risar family animations.
    Fixed issue with dead AI that sometimes made sounds or moved.
    Fixed issue with Risar tents that got their textures messed up when they died.
    Fixed issue with placing mining camps and connecting them to stones that had its root very deep into the ground.
    Fixed issue where building territory structures wouldn't always correctly use the skills required.
    Fixed issue with AI footstep sounds that didn't play.
    Fixed the final death blow force that gets applied to the AI when killed.
    Fixed blood spawning on AI when they get hit to spawn from random instead of in the sky if you are too far away to know where it got hit.
    Fixed better sound caching.
    Fixed up Thorax path nodes to avoid it crossing node lines all the time.
    Celerity now impacts more extraction skills.
    Fixed an issue where reading a book didn't correctly check vs the second skill.
    Fixed a bug when moving items directly from mount bag into bank.
    Reserve and HP bars should now be working properly.
    Fixed issue where doors on territory structures weren't being registered correctly by the collision.
    Improved first person effects for torches.
    Fixed an issue with the crafting window preview.
    Fixed an issue with mines and stonecutters not correctly saving their ore.
    Fixed an issue where changing the support slider on armor-crafting wouldn't change the final amount of support material correctly.
    Fixed an issue with AI not being static when it should, making AI with charge that was placed on walls etc act very strangely.
    Fixed an issue with AI and TS wall collisions where the AI could get into an infinite-loop type of deal.
    Fixed pathing issues AI had with wall collisions that weren't connected to anything.
    Fixed an issue with wall collisions now correctly finding openings in the chain.
    Fixed issue with pets not understanding how to walk through gates.
    Fixed Crocs and Campadons not playing the correct idle animation.
    Cleaned up some UI issues in character creation.
    Fixed a chat UI scrolling bug.
    Fixed issue where health bars would sometimes show you kau or mana.
    Fixed mount "motor-boating" move.
    Fixed stamina/mana numbers not showing up.
    Fixed issues with bait in fishing that made some bait less effective than they should be.
    Cleaned up the fishing lists for all the seas to make sure all fish can be correctly caught.
    Fixed issues that made some fishes more rare than they should be.
    Fixed a couple of server-sided issues with fishing.
    Fixed issue with AI that switched node and ran back to the old node.
    Fixed description error when placing territory structure upgrades.
    Fixed issue with guards placed on static territory structure slots that still used charge attacks.
    Fixed a bug that made it so that stamina wasn't impacted by weight in the correct way.
    Fixed an issue with NPCs that wouldn't always correctly respawn.
    Fixed an issue with NPCs that got killed by AI and then the AI that died didn't correctly spawn.
    Fixed missing keep basements on Myrland.
    Fixed the Gamun Crop Seeds to give Large Gamun plants.
    Fixed a bridge that couldn't be constructed correctly.
    Fixed pets' health bar disappearing when dismounting.
    Fixed a calculation error on the max durability of a certain armor set.
    Fixed issue with TS NPCs that did not always correctly path back to their location after being in a fight.
    Fixed UI issue where items that shouldn't be taxed still looked like they would be.
    Fixed issue with NPCs that got killed by AI and then didn't correctly respawn.
    Fixed option variable AmbientOcclusion that did not correctly take effect.
    Fixed an issue with initialization of options.
    Fixed issue with breeding where it wouldn't correctly be 50% chance what type the pet would be.
    Guild priests will no longer consume mana when trying (and failing) to resurrect someone afflicted with death sickness.
    A friend's online status in the Friends list will now update immediately when the friend logs off.
    Fixed various typos and improved a bunch of in-game messages.
    Falling will now properly break sprinting: continuing a sprint after falling will no longer drain stamina without giving the speed boost.
    Domination items should now work as intended, and also no longer requires combat mode to be active in order to work.
    Megnatons (insectoids) now has the correct hit box types for head and limbs.
    During the Tindrem tutorial, the NPC Lugus Llew will now correctly give you Fullgrain Leather Lore skill instead of Quality Leather Lore.
    There will no longer be a crash when trying to fish without a fishing skill.
    Exiting the game while having a fishing rod active with some fishing items equipped will no longer cause weird behavior when relogging and trying to equip these items.
    Successfully catching one fish will no longer lead to the next bite being reeled in "automatically".
    Fixed an issue with the sounds for lightning strikes.
    Fixed so that the FOV setting in the Graphics options actually sets the FOV properly.
    Fixed trace for weapon hit so that it ignores things that are behind the original trace hit location.
    This fixes front torso stabs that incorrectly hit a shield on the target's back.
    Fixed an issue with some aggressive mobs that got stuck in a state where they never attacked players or pets, by making it so that mobs now attack any player or tamed pet that enters into range, regardless of "danger" rating.
    Fixed a small bug in the new functionality for arrow/bow types.
    Arrow visuals no longer appear and disappear randomly, most specifically there's no arrow visible if you don't have any arrows left.
    Forcing the game to close when in combat mode no longer leads to visually being in combat mode while in fact not in combat mode when logging back in.

    The in-game preferences have been redesigned.
    Optimized house code a bit.
    Cleaned up and removed old icons.
    Removed unused packages from the client.
    Added numerous brand new titles obtained from a variety of different ways.
    Added a high tier Dominator, Tamer, Alchemist, Weaponsmith, Bowyer, Armorer and Shield titles.
    Shield crafting title is now Shieldcrafter.
    Added a much cheaper way for AI to talk to players.
    Added support for AI that hides and are triggered by players coming close.
    Cleaned up Myrland, remove old actors and unused stuff.
    Added guild structures and guild contracts to the broker categories.
    Holding CTRL with a bow now more quickly reduces the wobble.
    Added a more advanced per-leg collision system that can be used for very large AI.
    Changed the help chat message you get when loggin in.
    Added a simple MOTD message for the server.
    Made a unified method for showing time in chat (H M S) and changed breeding messages to this.
    Added an hourly message that informs people in the help chat how long they have left.
    Changed the message you get when trying to talk in help chat when the time is up.
    Added an hourly message for fledglings telling them how much longer they will be a fledgling.
    Fledglings can no longer be in duels.
    Increased range of flag updates for siege weapon.
    Made buoyancy calculations when dead give you 0 buoyancy meaning you don't sink or raise.
    You can now place "placeables" (campfires etc) on top of walls.
    Added better distance check for opening pet bags.
    Added support for more randomized drops based on lore and mining skills when mining or lumberjacking.
    Cleaned up packages in code to clear up some RAM usage when running the game.
    Re-added support blood on armors when you are close to someone who gets killed.
    Moving underground will now turn off the ambient world sounds and world fog.
    Alert towers no longer spot dead players.
    Added restrictions to most siege items that make them impossible to mail.
    Unbuilt control towers no longer mark ground as owned by the guild.
    Added support for "blinding spots".
    Expanded the in-house NPC creator for more varied NPCs/Mobs.
    Did some code cleanup on server.
    Did some work on the reading feedback messages.
    Increased gamma values on rendering of the paperdoll and the crafting preview.
    Refined how dynamic collisions for walls are generated.
    Added corner padding for chain collision.
    Rebuilt check for what's considered inside a wall.
    Tweaked the placing of the wall collision to better reflect the mesh.
    Improved auto-linking with walls vs gates.
    Rebuilt check for whether there's a way inside a wall.
    Added version control for TS buildings.
    The knock-down timer is now dynamically changed depending on your armor weight.
    Minimum draw time for shortbows reduced from 1.
    5 seconds to 1 second.
    You can now ask the TS animal breeder what he is breeding to get more information.
    Gates with bad guild-ID (dead guilds) will now open for anyone.
    Added heat support in armor crafting.
    Character names in character creation now need to be at least 3 characters long.
    Fixed an issue in the vendor UI that sometimes showed the taxes wrong.
    Asking your NPCs about their cost will now show you how much they have made/lost so far rather than guessing what they will cost per day.
    Added some sounds to lockpicking.
    Added support for traps in WorldLoot.
    Added support for WorldLoot that moves to a random position.
    You are now always in range for building bridges if you are standing on them.
    The following things have been removed from the launcher since they just caused conflicts with the in-game settings: Key Bindings tab and Game Options tab.
    Removed 32-bit client support.
    Added support for skills that don't show up in the skill-window if they aren't learned.
    Handle hits now reduce damage a bit more than before.
    Added support for a new mount.
    It is no longer possible to place TS from radius given by an unbuilt TC pylon.
    All weapon blades rebalanced to better match Great blades.
    Balanced Axe heads Slashing/Blunt damage ratio.
    Balanced under-used armors.
    Slightly increased Lance handle piercing mod.
    Reduced the knock-down stun timer.
    Fishing UI can now be moved.
    Pets left out a long distance from the player during a server reboot will now be lost and removed upon login.
    When a person declines your request to add him/her as a friend, the message will now say "[friend's name] declined your friend request." instead of just "your friend request was refused."
    When someone accepts your friend invite, that person immediately shows up in your friends list. Before, you needed to relog for the list to update.
    When accepting a friend invite, the friend will now show in your friends list without you having to relog for the list to update.
    Typing invalid characters in chat will no longer delete the whole message. Invalid characters are now replaced with blank spaces, and there is a notification.
    It is now possible to sprint when autorun is on.
    Introductory texts describing the four Clades when creating a new character have been rewritten, so as to be more clear and informative to new players (as well as having more similar lengths).
    Zooming and panning your character in the paperdoll window should now be more intuitive and responsive.
    Various structural improvements to the fishing code.
    Fishing at a bait depth where there are no fish will no longer result in "bites" (splashes) where no fish can be caught.
    Clicking to charge a fishing throw and then quickly releasing will now cancel the throw instead of continuing the charge as if the mouse was still being pressed.
    Locked doors can no longer be opened by anyone who is inside the building. Now you must always have a key to open a locked door.
    Improved formatting of taming messages.
    Added character race temperature resistance.
    Sarducaans and Sidoians having the best heat resistance, followed by Veelas and Huergars having moderate heat resistance, while Tindremenes, Sheevras and Khurites has minor
    heat resistance, and last Kallards, Thursars and Blainns having no heat resistance at all.

    Belbus meat can now be sold to vendors.
    AI with no loot will no longer spawn loot bags (from being guard hit or just because they don't have loot)
    Added a bunch of new rough gems.
    Blue Verditer can now be used for dyeing.
    Added 5 new armor sets.
    Added over 30 new fishes.
    Added Longbow arrows (Heavier arrows that won't weak spot, designed for use with Longbows)

    Increased skill gain when constructing TS.
    Increased the skill gain from being knocked down with knock-down resistance.

    Known Issues
    The "Panic Mode" feature for falling under the world may not work properly in all places on Sarducaa.
    Some mines/dungeons do not have the correct underground lightning.
    Priest Lights on Sarducaa can be a bit vague based on where you look from.
    A few items have "?" icons.

Mortal Online lanserades 9 juni 2010 med fokus på en öppnare och friare sandbox-spelvärld. Spelet har inget traditionellt levelsystem utan skickligheten baseras istället direkt på färdigheter och grundegenskaper. Spelvärlden har en traditionell fantasymix med en orc/människohybrid, fem mänskliga, två alvliknande och två dvärgliknande spelbara raser.

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