Spela Bards Tale på Smart Assistant

Spelare kan nu ge sig ut på en resa som ingen annan genom att lösa mysterier i den lilla byn Largefearn. Bara säg: “Alexa, openThe Bard’s Tale.”  Eller: “Hey Google, open The Bard’s Tale.” 

Wanderword is defining the Interactive Audio Entertainment Industry. With our tech platform Fabella, we are enabling storytellers to create their own interactive audio stories, Polar Night Studio is pushing the boundaries with cutting-edge productions, & our inspiration hub Poptale is guiding the active listeners to best practices and unique experiences. Wanderword is part of the game cluster Arctic Game, a collaboration of game studios in northern Sweden. 
Arctic Game
Arctic Game is an organization that is working to create a strategic platform for the game industry in northern Sweden; with business development, investment support, game educations and events to build a strong games community. They are creating an opportunity for studios to grow and give individuals the chance to enter the industry. Arctic Game is a collaboration between the municipalities Umeå, Skellefteå, Piteå, Luleå and Boden. In this area there are about 75 game companies and studios, about 500 professionals working in this industry and 14 game educations at university and higher vocational educations. Arctic Game is now northern Europe’s fastest growing games cluster. For more information visit arcticgamelab.com

The Bard’s Tale – Warlocks of Largefearn som fått stort stöd av svenska Arctic Game har utvecklats av Wanderword, i samarbete med Xbox Game Studios’ inXile entertainment är nu ute för och Google Assistant och även på Amazon Alexa (i U.S., U.K. and CA.)

Warlocks of Largefearn är skapat med Wanderword’s Fabella Creator Engine, som:

“is revolutionizing the voice gaming market one adventure at a time.”

Kolla in FabellaCreator.com och vad du kan göra med den här!

Mer göttigt om produktionen går finna på på The Bard’s Tale Produktsida på Poptale.


  • Four unique classes; Bard, Fighter, Rogue and Practitioner 
  • Unlock and select one of two advanced subclasses to customize your character further:
    • Bard – Troubadour & Warchanter
    • Fighter – Warden & Berserker
    • Rogue – Assassin & Sniper
    • Practitioner – Conjurer & Magician
  • Recruit and customize companions and travel together through Largefearn.
  • Turn-based combat system that rewards strategic thinking.
  • Large degrees of player freedom, due to contextual interaction.
  • Beautiful hand drawn art for display devices.
  • Voice controlled player action, which gives the user a heads up and hands free experience.

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