Cabaret – A Larp Musical


The date is May 10th, 1933, and we hang out at a drag club in Berlin. The nazi regime has risen to power and the joyous, liberal culture of the Weimar republic is crumbling. At The Silhouette, one of the last active Cabaret clubs in the city, a small crew still struggles to keep up the façade of a gay life. Soon, nobody will be able to deny what is happening; the time has come to make difficult choices, or have your life chosen for you. The ‘Cabaret’ larp is a ‘larger than life’ larp, based on one of the most dramatic turning times in European history. Its overarching theme is that the personal is political, and the political personal.

‘Cabaret’ is a larp musical. All participants will take on one of the characters frequenting the club, as artists or guests. Some will sing and dance, albeit not everyone. But everyone will be a part of the drama at the club, ranging from the small miseries of a broken heart to the political tragedy unfolding in Europe at this time.

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