SM Warhammer 40.000


The Swedish Championship will be held by Gameboards and Broadswords Syd in Jönköping, 6-7 December 2014.

The weekend will be composed of two tournaments. Swedish Championship 2014 (SM, for those who have qualified) and Swedish Open 2014 (ÖSM, for everyone else).
More information regarding the qualification process can be found here:

General Information
The tournament is held at Kulturhuset, adress is:
Svavelsticksgränd 7-9, Jönköping


We have a deal with City Hotel in Jönköping and they can offer rooms at a good price. The hotel is 200m from the tournament and the same distance from restaurants and bars in the city center.
Breakfast is included in your booking.
When you make your booking, use the code: GoB
Address to the hotel:
Västra Storgatan 25A
553 15 Jönköping
036-71 92 80

For those who do not want to spend the weekend in a hotel there will be a sleeping area at the tournament, this will cost SEK 50.

Breakfast and Food.
Breakfast will be served from 8.00 Sunday morning at the tournament.
Lunch will be served Saturday and Sunday.
A vegan alternative is available for all food served.

On saturday evening there will be an american buffet served from a local restaurant called Mäster Gudmunds källare.

Pulled pork, baby ribs, chipoteleseasoned chicken,
chili roasted potato, grilled corn and whiskey & brown sugar coated white beans, cole slaw,
butter and home baked bread and salad.

Mulled wine, gingerbread, cheese and candy will be served as dessert

There will be a vegan alternative equivalent to meat option.

The Price for the american buffet will be 150 SEK. (Not included in the tournament fee)

All food will be served at Nyfiket, a café in Kulturhuset.

You will be able to follow the tournament on:

Head organizers
Johan Barouta

Jonas Koch

08:00 – 08:30 Gathering at Folkets Bio in Kulturhuset
09:00 – 12:30 Game 1
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch
13:30 – 17:00 Game 2
17:00 – 17:15 Afternoon Tea
17:15 – 20:45 Game 3
21:00 – Evening coziness (with a stage) and supper (see menu above) at Nyfiket.

09:00 – 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 – 13:30 Game 4
13:30 – 14:30 Lunch
14:30 – 17:00 Game 5
17:30 – Award ceremony!



Everything released by Games Workshop will be allowed at the tournament as long as the release was before the 10th of November 2014. This includes all digital products or white dwarf rules and so on unless otherwise stated here. Note that this does NOT include releases from Forgeworld.

SWEFAQ: Yes (the version that applies when the lists are sent in)
Points: 1850
Allies: Yes
Fortifications: Yes
Dataslates: Yes
Lords of War: Yes
Escalation: No
Imperial Armour: No
Army composition

2 Detachments Total
1 of which must be a CAD, or faction specific detachment such as Ork Horde, Nemesis Strike Force or Wolves Unleashed and so on. Your other detachment may NOT be a CAD or codex specific detachment.
Warlord: Your Warlord may be chosen from any of your detachments.

1-CAD/Faction Detachment
Detachments may be produced from a maximum of one Codex / Codex Supplement
Example – You may not selectively include units within one Combined Arms Detachment from both Codex: Tau and Codex Supplement: Farsight Enclaves, despite them being within the same Faction per the Detachment creation rules in the 40k Rulebook.
Exception – Units that are added to various Factions by means other than the primary or supplemental Codex are exceptions (i.e. Dataslate Characters such as Be’Lakor or Cypher etc.).
Codex Supplements will be considered their own Faction, ie. Farsight Enclave, Black Legion, Crimson Slaughter, Militarum Tempestus and Legion of the Damned, etc.

0-1 Allied Detachment
Your Allied Detachment MAY be the same faction as your CAD.
Imperial Knights taken as an ally detachment is limited to 0-1 Knight.

0-1 Formations
Any formations released by GW (digital or otherwise) are allowed at the tournament.
Imperial Knights taken as a formation is limited to 0-1 Knight.

0-1 Fortification
0-1 Fortification chosen from Stronghold Assault. The following fortifications are NOT allowed:
Macro-cannon Aquila Strongpoints
Vortex Missile Aquila Strongpoint
Imperial Strongpoint
Wall of Martyrs Imperial Defence Network

Note that all parts of a fortification (including small upgrades like escape hatch, tank traps, quadgun etc.) must be placed in your deployment zone.

0-1 Lord of War
Lords of War from Codexes may be used at the tournament.



We have 80 spots at the tournament (in total, SM and ÖSM).

Register by sending an email to:

This MUST be included in your mail:
First name and surname
Social Security Number/Personnummer
Phone number
Specify with tournament you will be attending (SM or ÖSM)
Awesomeness-level, rate yourself from 1-9000

SEK 300 transferred to Swedbank account:
Clearing number: 8150-5
Account number: 903 617 227-9
Sign your transfer with your initials and social security number (e.g. R.G. YYMMDDXXXX)

NOTE that you are not registered until we have received your payment.
Army lists
Will be sent to by November 24th.
Army builder/battlescribe copy-pastes will not be approved.
Abbreviations for wargear and such will not be approved.
Alcohol is NOT allowed at the Swedish Championships. The entire area (the building and its vicinity) is a drug-free zone (and this includes alcohol).
If anyone consumes alcohol (or other drugs) within these boundaries they are disqualified from the tournament and will be escorted from the premises with IMMEDIATE effect.