Figurspel med bara tjejer populärt på Kickstarter

På tre dagar har Raging Heroes – The Toughest Girls of The Galaxy slagit sitt Kickstartermål 30 gånger om!

Det borde väl ge signaler till andra utvecklare, att kvinnor kan ha andra roller än Damsels in Distress?

Three outstanding armies of decidedly full of attitude 28mm-scale female miniatures for gaming, painting and collecting.

  • Miniatures with tons of attitude, dynamic posing, exquisitely detailed sculpts
  • An amazing range of over 150+ unique sculpts planned
  • Sculpts that look exactly like the concept art
  • Utra-customizable multi-part troops, thanks to multi-part ball-joint system
  • Beautiful casts in super high quality metal and spin-cast resin
  • Outstanding pledge rewards compared to regular street price
  • An optional special delivery program that can ship your pledge in several waves to ensure you don’t have to wait for months, with a first wave planned as early as September!